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Information is power. Information fuels activism. Activism creates change. We provide the information. We help you effect positive change for yourself, your family and friends, your organization, and beyond.

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We conducted a survey to find out what issues were most important to our readers. Check out the results!

protest in raleigh

moral monday, july 22

Perhaps the last Raleigh-centric rally of the season! 5:00 p.m. at the NC General Assembly, Raleigh NC. Find out more about the event and the background of Moral Mondays.

protester database

civitas targets protesters, june 19

NC Civitas posts a Web site featuring a database of personal information on the nearly 500 protesters arrested at recent Moral Monday events, similar to targeting done by anti-civil rights and anti-abortion organizations in years past.

who we are

and how we can help you

protesters in Raleigh

Activism creates change. Information fuels activism. We are a group of impassioned North Carolinians who feel that the current Republican administration is driving the state and its citizenry backwards. We are concerned about our children, our civil liberties, our economy, our environment, our schools, our tax burden, our voting rights, and our future. This site provides you with the information you need to learn more about what is happening in the NC government, for your own knowledge or your own use. Help us spread the word and reclaim our state.

what we do

they have money, we have information

  • work collaboratively
  • provide fact-checked information
  • help activists and fighters for justice
  • raise awareness
  • welcome everyone committed to positive change
  • stand up for the people against the moneyed interests

what people are saying

and how they’re using the info

  • democracy poster

    “What a great way to get more folks involved in documenting the harsh reality of Pat McCrory.”

    James Protzman, Blue NC
  • save the vote poster

    “Thank you for organizing and involving those of us interested in spreading awareness and the truth!”

    Jen Ferrell, NC Forward American
  • womens health poster

    “My mind is weary trying to keep up with the horrors proposed and those that pass. So I’m grateful especially for even just the listing of issues on the issues page to help keep me informed.”

    Betsy Harris
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